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When I decided to get serious about a popcorn company,  one thing became painfully obvious:  My little thrift-store hot-air popper (with the missing butter warmer, see Pyrex bowl stuck into top) – this  just would not do.

An industrial corn popper was needed.

After some preliminary research (Google is your friend) I discovered this:  what Microsoft is to computers,  Corn Flakes to breakfast cereal,  Kleenex to runny noses, and Rolls-Royce to automobiles…..Cretors is to popcorn machines.

So, one cold, rainy, January morning, a pilgrimage was made to the local distributor, Harlan-Fairbanks.   Industrial popcorn machine heaven!   If Harlan- Fairbanks fired-up all their popcorn machines at once, the aroma of freshly-popped corn would waft from Vancouver to Hope.   One machine was so big that it couldn’t fit into the showroom.

“We’ll show you this film instead” volunteered the salesman.

While viewing this Titanic-sized popper that could spit-out something like a million gallons of popcorn a minute,  one horrible thought crossed my mind.  What if I couldn’t shut it off?   Can you imagine the news header?

“Rescuers digging-out amateur corn maker buried in popcorn avalanche.  Story at eleven!”

 Obviously, I needed to start out with something I could handle.  I glanced at the salesman and stuttered something along the  lines like….. umm,  well…..maybe I’ll take another look at it after I get going.

“I understand” said the salesman.  “Let me show you a brand-new model from Cretors.  It is a smaller hot-air popper.  No messy oils and that sort of thing.”

No messy oils?  That sounded  pretty good.  Less to clean up, and I really liked the idea of a healthier oil-free base for my popcorn.

By the end of the day, I had found my machine.   Not the Titanic.   More like a sports-car sized version of  gleaming stainless-steel hp that could pump out 240 medium-sized bags of air-popped perfection an hour.

On wheels,  it reminded me of  Marty McFly’s Delorean – the flux capacitor from Back to the Future.

Lightning had struck the clock tower.   I was on my way!

Cretors Popcorn Machine
Cretors Popcorn Machine