How much popcorn should I order?
We recommend three cups/person.
What is the cost?
$2 – $3/person, depending on your flavour selections.
What else do I need for my popcorn buffet?
You will need medium to large-size containers for the popcorn, scoops, and individual popcorn holders.  We have some large (holds 70 cups of popcorn each) acrylic containers that are available for rent ($15 each). 
You can also rent medium to large size bowls/catering ware and scoops from a party-rental store.  The individual popcorn holders can be as simple as a brown-paper lunch bag, a plastic bowl, a dollar-store popcorn bag/box,  to custom creations designed especially for your event.

Can Popcorn Culture set-up the popcorn buffet table?
Yes.  Our roots are in special-event design.  We can create a wonderful display to match your decor and theme. However, we find that most of our customers like to keep it relatively simple and save money by setting-up their own popcorn table.  We can offer some suggestions to help pull it all together.  We believe in good customer service!