The Story

The Story of Popcorn Culture

Another rainy Saturday afternoon.   In a pretty yellow bedroom, two teenage girls are curled up.  They have pooled their allowance and purchased a stack of retro comic books from the used book store.   The romance comics are particularly coveted and saved for last.

comic full cover 1.2

A bowl of home-made popcorn is also shared.  

caramel popcorn about us story

When the final comic book and kernel of corn have been devoured, the girls talk about their future.

It is a good memory.
Many Years Later……

One girl marries young and moves away.  The other girl pursues a myriad of occupations and interests involving design, writing, and the culinary arts.  She enjoys culinary adventure and the penning of a funny story the most.  Mid-life, she decides she wants to do something that is creative and different because she “is not done yet.”  It becomes her mantra.

One Saturday afternoon she remembers those romance comic-book rituals.  They seem so absurd now – to the point of being ridiculously funny.  But what she remembers most is the popcorn. It resurrects a culinary passion.  She experiments with different flavours and toppings and thinks, if I could meld this deliciously unique popcorn with a bit of that comic-book relief…….

That I’m “not done yet” mantra  explodes into the doing:  Popcorn Culture – The Art of Corn is created.